Friday, November 13, 2015

Get Ready for the Holidays! Make This Easy Snowman Gift Box from Coffee Cans and Duck Tape

This easy snowman gift box also doubles as a decoration. It is  super simple to make, using two coffee cans and white duck tape. Last year my parents made a couple for us. This year I made my own. To make this you will need

  • 2 coffee cans
  • White duck tape and regular duck tape.
  • Some cloth for the scarf
  • Some narrow ribbon
  • Some scrap wood
  • Some paint
  • A hot glue gun
  • A "no edge" can opener

Remove the top of one can and the bottom of the other.

Use some duck tape strips to tack the cans together. Then add more tape all round the inside seam.

Now add a strip of white tape on the outside of the seam. I had trouble getting the tape smooth on the seam, but it doesn't matter as it will be covered by the scarf.

Now start at the bottom and the top and work your way to the center. Use individual strips and do not try to cover the cans in a spiral pattern.

Keep the seams lined up in one area. That will be the back.

Create some irregular pieces for the mouth and buttons. I cut some scrap wood up with my band saw.

Now make the hat. I cut a pair of 2 1/2 inch circles out of some 3/4 inch material, glues them together.

I rounded one side with the router and a round-over bit, and plugged the hole with a dowel.

Paint the lids and the wooden pieces. I used a spray paint suitable for wood and plastic except for the nose. 

Take some cloth and cut it to size for a scarf. I also used a small piece of the cloth to cover the seam in the can by the knot. I hot glued the cloth to the body.

Put on lid on the bottom. Hot glue the top of the hat to the other lid.

Draw circles around the eyes and hot glue the eyes. Attach the nose, mouth and buttons.

Hot glue some ribbon around the hat and tie some around the scarf knot.

This can be a fun gift box that the recipient can also use as a decoration. It's two gifts in one. Or be Scrooge and keep it for yourself.

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