Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Make an End Grain Cutting Board....Um...Trivet (Hot Plate)

Sometimes things don't go as you plan. I wanted to make an end grain cutting board, but as I progressed through the project I hated the results. I considered scrapping the whole thing, but I decided make it into a trivet (or hot plate).

I have some maple and some walnut. I cut the maple and walnut into 1 inch wide by 3/4 inch thick pieces.

I use my crosscut sled to cut them to the right length.

Then I glue all the strips together.

The resulting panel wasn't quite flat so I cut off the ends and put in on a planer sled.

I cut off the sniped area on both sides of the planed board.

Then I cut the panel into 3/4 inch strips.

Now I go to glue these strips together. I was going to flip them opposite, but I realized I screwed up the dimensions on the strips so I wouldn't get a checkerboard pattern. So I just decided to leave it as stripes. As I glue it together, I try to keep the edges lined up so the stripes would be straight, and I screwed that up too.

I use a belt sander to smooth out the surface and I decide it's really too thin, and the pattern isn't lined up well, and I basically hate it.

Did I say cutting board? Nah...I meant hot plate. No...trivet.

I square up the edges on the table saw.

And I put an 1/8 inch roundover on the bottom and a Roman Ogee on the top.

Then I sand it, finish it with Danish oil and a coat of paste wax.

What projects have you started making one thing and ended making another? Let me know in the comments.

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