Tuesday, September 5, 2017

If I Had a Hammer, I'd Make a Mallet

Everyone must make a mallet eventually (it's a law, I checked).

I took some 1 by 3 oak and cut it to 2 lengths of 5 inches.

I found the center of one of the pieces, and found the center of another scrap peice of oak I'm using for a handle.

On the leftover piece, I measure where I want the holed for the weights. I drill 1.5 inch holes on the drill press.

I set the saw to a 4 degree angle and cut out the sections with the holes.

I glued the hole pieces to one of the main pieces so the gap between is wider at the top than the bottom.

I added fishing sinkers as weights, and glue the other piece to close it.

I go on with the handle. I set my blade height to the amount of handle I want to pass through the head. I use my sled to shave off each side until it just fits in the hole in the head.

Then I make two shorter slots where the wedges will be inserted.

I sand and shape the head and the handle.

I cut some walnut slightly longer than the slots in the handle and use the sander to make them wedge shaped.

Using a moderate amount of glue, I insert the handle into the head. I pound the two wedges in the gaps with, ironically, a hammer.

I cut the excess handle, sand it smooth, and finish with boiled linseed oil.

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